Don’t Mean to “BUG” You!

Don’t Mean to “BUG” You!

Hi y’all it’s Radical Rach / aka / Daisy Dixon and we at Circuitry Films, LLC want to let everyone out there in TV / WEB land know that we have spent 2 months practically every day editing . We have viewed each scene with a fine tooth comb and selected what we feel were the best scenes out of the ones that were shot.  We want to extend our thanks to everyone who we had shown the ruff edits to and we want to thank everyone for their advice and comments to help make the promo (sales pitch) the best it can be. A special thanks goes out to our production team for your extra time and expertise. It is greatly appreciated. We are very happy to start on the post production process. So y’all keep checking in with us to keep updated on our progress and we can’t wait to show our finished piece.

Thanks for your support!  Lots of love to y’all – keep creating, pluggin & buggin!

Daisy Dixion & The Posse

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