Bug Hunt Diary

Bug Hunt Diary

“Captain’s Log – Stardate:” June 19th 2014, was the morning of the “Bug Hunt Promo” shoot. Innovations NY, an upscale salon in Guiderland made the actresses look spectacular.  Brian Szepatowski, sound & Exec. Producer, along with Shawn Schaffer DP and his crew, were busy setting up the scenes for filming.

This day is the start of the road to stardom! Innovations NY is already on their way to making us girls glamorous. My posse is looking so FAB! The only thing lacking is the GUN LESSONS! NO WORRIES! Our sharpshooting lessons were provided by Randy King and Armorer Ward Benoit, with an extra guidance and lessons provided by Manolo, a former Green Beret.  We have very talented people on our project.

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