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We don’t mean to “Bug” you !

Hi y’all it’s Radical Rach / aka / Daisy Dixon and we at Circuitry Films, LLC want to let everyone out there in TV / WEB land know that we have spent 2 months practically every day editing . We have viewed each scene with a fine tooth comb and selected what we feel were…

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Diary of “BUG HUNT” promo!

“Captain’s Log – Stardate:” June 19th 2014, was the morning of the “Bug Hunt Promo” shoot. Innovations NY, an upscale salon in Guiderland made the actresses look spectacular.  Brian Szepatowski, sound & Exec. Producer, along with Shawn Schaffer DP and his crew, were busy setting up the scenes for filming.  This day is the start…

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And so it begins…

First official post for Circuitry Films, LLC. YAY! 😀 I wonder what the post title means? 😉 I guess something that starts at 8:00 am June 19th, 2014! A little trivia about the post title. Where did “And so it begins…” come from?