Circuitry Films, LLC

Brian Szepatowski and Rachel Krupsky are launching the company Circuitry Films, LLC with the slap stick comedy called "Bug Hunt". A sci-fi / action satire of sexy chicks killing mutant bugs.

Me_Amberlyn_StudiosBrian Szepatowski has 23 years of sound and recording engineering experience in the music industry and is the owner of the successful sound company, Circuitry Sound. Over the years he has accomplished live and studio recordings, two of which from The Joey Thomas Big Band were submitted to the Grammy Awards. Since 2011 when Rachel Krupsky introduced Brian to the independent Film / TV / Web world, he has adapted his live sound work to the requirements needed for production audio.

Recent accomplishments include local independent shorts, films, and web series. Which includes the popular web series Super Knocked Up (Senior Sound Recordist). In addition to the indie film work, Brian has worked on cable TV shows such as I Killed My BFF (Sound Mixer) on Bio Channel and the Hallmark Channel’s Hero Dog Awards (2013) (Sound Mixer).

PICT0042Rachel Krupsky has been a professional in the entertainment industry for many years. She is an actress / model / writer. At the tender age of 11 Rachel got her first short story (The Love of The Body Guard) published in Teen Magazine. From there she has won awards from Northeast American Writers and American Poet Society, which landed Rachel in the Who's Who book of up and coming American Writers. She also wrote for the New Paltz Players Summer Stock and other Theatrical companies. Rachel got the chance to intern as a writer on Saturday Night Live among other shows. Which launched her into co-owning and managing Elaina Erickson Modeling and Talent Agency.

Welcome to the collaborative efforts of Brian and Rachel, their company Circuitry Films, LLC and their network of industry professionals.